Laroma: Nursing services impressed by “intelligent“ beds

The care management representatives from AWO-Pflegedienste Probstei in Schönkirchen, of Pflege Zuhause of the Diakonisches Werk Plön-Segeberg in Preetz and Pflegedienst Plön of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe were impressed by the technical innovations presented to them at their visit to Laroma Manufaktur in Schleswig on 26 October 2021. Clemens Winter, the Managing Director of Laroma, demonstrated the development of a slatted bed base equipped with sensors together with an innovative care bed mattress and a stand-up bed with seat position function. During the subsequent exchange, Clemens Winter received many useful practical suggestions from his visitors.

The “intelligent“ bed

The so-called “intelligent“ bed is a slatted bed base equipped with sensors allowing nursing staff and family caregivers to receive - via app - targeted data with regard to the condition and positioning of the person requiring care. The information on the important topic of repositioning patients was considered particularly valuable by the visitors.
Nursing staff and family caregivers receive information about the general condition on the basis of which they can assess a possible risk and decide whether action is needed on site. This helps both, relatives and care services to save time and money, because every home visit is a cost factor. In view of the future shortage of qualified nursing staff, such use of digital Information could have a positive impact on the staff situation and could help stabilise both the home care and the living situation. 

Stand-up bed with seat position function

Newly developed functions in a stand-up bed support the autonomy and mobility of bedridden persons in their own home. They can move more independently, participate in the life of the community and communicate at eye-level. According to the nursing professionals, the possibilities of the innovative and fast-drying materials for skin-friendly positioning of patients as well as the ideas for the exhausting work when changing bed sheets seemed to be particularly promising.

Participatory approach - Suggestions from practice 

The visit to Laroma Manufaktur highlighted the participatory approach of the VAPiAR project. The care managers were happy to provide valuable input and tips from their own practical experience. Clemens Winter received important suggestions for the technical development from his exchange with the nursing professionals. The nursing services, for their part, were pleased to be able to share their practical experience and provide pragmatic tips.

Overall, a worthwhile visit for all participants and a good insight into how technology can support care, relieve nursing staff and family caregivers and, at the same time, help persons in need of care to live a more mobile and self-determined life.